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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Journey - Not a Destination

Someone put the link on my desktop.  A video of Josh getting his ear pierced at WalMart, narrated by his brother PJ.   Josh's comedic expressiveness and PJ's deadpan commentary allowed for simultaneous laughter and painful crying - a phenomena heretofore I had not known existed.  Life keeps coming - and I have to respond.  I'm moving along but not always forward - and that's ok.  My sensitivity to the pain of others has heightened and deepened - a friend's brother lost to brain cancer at the age of 41.  Scotty, like Josh, so brilliant, so young, so loved.  A neighbor's son, age 24, killed in a car crash during the Christmas holiday.  The wound seems never to heal - made fresh by these events, though noncontiguous, touching nonetheless.

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Poppa said...

I watched this video of Josh simultaneously with Pepper. It was an amazing breakthrough for me. As I watched the video I felt thankfulness for having a video documenting the zaniness of Josh instead of the sorrow of not having Josh with me. I know that the next time I see a video of Josh my reaction may be totally different but God has shown me that real joy in these tragic circumstances is achievable when I focus on what God has given me instead of what He has taken away. A theoretical "grief to worship" is becoming a practical "grief to worship". Please pray for me.