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Friday, December 31, 2010


As I move into a new year without my son Joshua, it hurts.  I know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him.  Yet, my vision is obscured by the thickening clouds of tears that have threatened a downpour for most of this day.  But I know that my joy comes in the morning and I am not afraid.  I even move forward boldly into an increasing recognition of the shallowness of the temporal and the glory of forever.  For the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory to be revealed in Him!  Hallelujah!!


Mary said...

as josh's sister I have felt the grief of losing a brother, a friend and a mentor. As I look back on the previous year of 2010 I tend to think about things that I have lost. and the things that have gone wrong however all of those negative things are surrounded by the joy that we experienced. the love of a brother husband son and friend can never be replaced. so as we going to the next year
we should think about not what we have lost but that everyday is a step closer to eternity with our loved ones. this year will be hard without them however with the faith in God we make it through day by day

Sister-Eboni said...

As Josh’s sister, It has been hard for me to grasp my thoughts into the concepts of words to even come close in articulating what the loss of my brother has meant to me and my family. Three months have passed and the pain, continues to overwhelm my entire body in volumes that seem as fresh as the day I heard the news of my brother’s passing. Josh was the light hearted, comedic selfless loving brother a sister could only hope for and because of this it has been difficult to move forward in life without him. Some people you can encounter in life automatically exude a cosmic free-spirit , where instantly you call them friend. That person for me and many who encountered him was “Josh”. Losing josh was not only losing a family member for me and my family but to all of us a “Friend”. Grieving for me has not been a on a day to day basis but a minute by minute process for me. However, as God’s child I know it is his footprints that are carrying my family and I through this difficult time . A small testimony to that is the other day, I was going through my usual routine of tidying up my coat closet, and wrapped around the various items of clothing I’ve stored there; I came across an old hat Josh had given me. Instantly, my mind was blanketed with fond memories of Josh. In that moment, I could still feel his presence wrapped around me.. just as I had found his old hat wrapped around my cloths. As I move forward still engulf with a kaleidoscope of emotions that seem often seem to raw to come out, I have found a mustard seed of peace for a moment when a memory of Josh visits me.