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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Unapproachable Sorrow

The shootings in Arizona have left a trail of tears and sorrow I am not able to approach at this time. Separated by the comfortable distance of space and relationship, I can look on but postpone the comprehension of the grief that must be overwhelming the community and families of the 20 persons slain and injured. The life of Congresswoman Giffords at this writing hangs in the balance as doctors are cautiously optimistic. Among those dead - a 9 year old girl whose birthday, 9/11/01, rather oddly reminds me of the day this country shifted from a feeling of relaxed security to a new normal tinged with fear. A quote from the father of Christina-Taylor according to a CNN news article: "There's gonna be a lot of those kind of moments -- just waking up," he said, choking back tears. "She comes up and says, 'Daddy, it's time to get up,' and she didn't do that this morning." Often I have felt overwhelming vicarious pain when there has been a loss - particularly of a young child. I cannot approach that now - my own being too fresh. The enormity of the loss to those parents of this promising child, still so young, stilled so young I can only comment upon. I will grieve with and for them. Love, Pepper

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