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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Brother to Brother

The Sealing and Echo of Rhyme

I wish everything could be back to normal
The sounds of the darkness press against my temples
Wishing the stars would fall back into the sky
Time would fall forward to a place ever more simple

Nothing can compare to the moments that we shared
Molded together by a thousand shrieks of laughter
Harnessing the power of infamy and raising the bar
The voice of silence will never be heard forever after

Time will tell how History looks at your life
Choosing instead to view it from a backwards prism
The instability of the virility can be seen ever clearer now
But retelling the story will only increase the growing schism

Nightmares etched into the consciousness of being
Making sure the silent echoes of dread increase with time
But don't forget about the bounties of life everlasting
The stir of echoes that will keep you forever sealed in RHYME

By Pearson J. Liddell, III (PJ)

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